Cedar View

Nestled near historic "Bosom Bay" under the gaze of Elephant Mountain, Cedar View has charming views south and across Lake George. It is an exceptional value that is ideal for slightly larger families. This 3 bedroom 1 bath cottage sleeps 6 comfortably and is reasonably priced.

If you long for the days when a summer afternoon was spent sitting on a screened-in porch with a calm breeze flowing across the pages of a familiar book, we recommend that you relax on Cedar View's porch while you stay with us this summer. The happy voices of children bike-riding and singing on the beach will reach your ears as you enjoy your vacation in Cedar View.


Huletts-on-Lake-GeorgeOur Amenities Are Unique

Guaranteed Dock Space with House Rental

9 Hole Golf Course

Tennis & Basketball

Ice Cream Parlor for Children

Mountains and Scenic Beauty

Charming Unforgettable Location

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